Prinsu Roof Rack Installation and How to Tips and Tricks.

Here is a link to the youtube video:

Click here for the instructions provided by Prinsu/CBI 

Here is the link to the Backets

This whole project took about 3 hours from start to finish.

Below is a list of supplies I used when working on this project. Most can be found on amaon with free shipping and 1-2 day shipping.

  1. Silicone: I went thru 3 tubes of this. In my opinion you can not have too much but you can have too little. The more silicone used, theless likely you are to have a leak.
  2. Plus Nut Installer: This is a requirement if you are going to install this yourself. Its as important as having air for your tires.
  3. Extra Plus Nuts: Not necessary but if you mess up one time you will be stuck with holes in your roof. I messed up and was sooooooo happy that I had purchased an extra set.
  4. Center Punch: Just incase to get that hole in the right spot. Or use a Center Drill like I did.
  5. Step Drill: The roof is sheet metal, and the headliner is not far below the roof. This will cut a clean, hole and allow you to have controll over the depth. It also will last for all the holes.
  6. Drill Bit: This is the drill bit you need to get the proper size hole for the Plus Nut. This is the final hole to drill.
  7. Dremel Bits: To help clean arround the hole and remove the bead of silicone they applied at the factory if needed.
  8. Dewalt Cordless Vacum: This is the vacume I used to keep the chips from the headliner. I use it all the time in the truck. If you have other dewalt 20v / 60v tools I highly recomend this vacum.
  9. Drill Set with Batteries. (Batteries also work on vacum above) I ise these drills for everything from installing my bumper, drilling holes in the roof to unscrewing fastners in the truck.
  10. Extra Cross rails (
  11. Extra Screws for cross Rails.



Photos For Reference.




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