Chevy Colorado With XD135 grey wheels

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The wheels are: XD SERIES Grenade Off-Road XD135 Wheel Rim Gray 17×8.5 6×120 0mm

The tires are: BF Goodrich KO2 265/70 R17 class c

Fitment ( Do they rub?) : The short answer is yes, they do rub. As for where and how much, that is slightly more complicated. A few things to note.

  1. The truck has a 2″ leveling kit on the front, that’s all
  2. The truck has an ARB Summit Colorado bumper which gives me a ton more real-estate for the tires in the front
  3. The tires I picked have aggressive tread causing them to stick out in spots further than other Tires of the same size.
  4. The offset of the new wheels are different than the offset of the original wheels. This means that my results are different then if somebody uses the same tire size but on their original wheels

The tires rub On the sheet metal of the body when they are turned approximately 75 to 85% to the left. As for the front of the vehicle, the ARB bumper has given me plenty of clearance. In the back there seems to be no issues at this time. The brake calipers on the front appear to be just a few millimeters away from the wheel. They’re not touching so I do not see there being an issue but it is extremely close.

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