ARB Summit Front Bumper and Warn Zeon 10 Platinum Winch Install on a 2017 Chevy Colorado

I received the 1st bumper shipped by ARB for the 2015+ Chevy Colorado. That means that I am the First person in the USA to have this bumper installed and on top of that to do it themselves. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet but so far I’m happy! Here are pictures of the install along with several tips as of March 15th, 2018. Per said date, the instructions from ARB are WRONG. Not majorly wrong but there are typos which can lead to install problems such as cutting pieces too short.
Here is a finished video on youtube
  1. I started by cutting my fender flares. I used an air saw and went slowly. I left some room and then filed it flush after I was done.
  2. Then the front Grill and bumper were removed
  3. The rubber air dam and plastic below the temp sensor was cut out. Their directions are not specific on this part in my opinion.
  4. I painted my tow hooks red during the process
  5. Using their template and a sewing tape measure that had CM on it, I traced out and put tape on the bumper on the cut line. I was within a 1/16th of an inch, I did not need to be this exact.
  6. Here is the relocation kit for the Warn Zeon 10s Platinum. Yes you will need it, Maybe not if you move your temp sensor but it looks good on the bumper too.
  7. The center plastic guard/cover says to cut at X markings. DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, if you do you will cut it too short. Measure the front of the bumper and cut it to fit.
  8. OEM Fog light wire wont fit the bumpers fog lights, You will need to splice it in.
  9. It looks great and gives me lots of clearance up front. Comes with 3 skid plates, Left, right, middle.
Here are some of the products I used for Quick Reference.
High Temp Lock Tite:

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