ARB Air Compressor Install in a 2017 Chevy Colorado

I used a 589Fab single air compressor mount and an ARB single High Output air compressor. I chose to remotely mount the air chuck fitting on the passenger side under the hood. It fits perfect. The youtube video shows a lot better how it is mounted. The mount is not painted or coated so it will need to coated to keep it from rusting. It fits great. I have links to all of the parts that you will need to set it up. The wiring will be in the next video along with modifications allowing for airbag installation.

Youtube Install video

Link to Products Page


I revised my install. After Pulling the compressor out I painted the bracket with black bedliner spray paint and then high temperature black paint. I installed two solenoids to allow me to inflate airbags that I plan on installing in the back as well. I used the wiring harness that came with the compressor and bought an ARB wiring harness for the S pod.

The red wire is compressor power on, the green and yellow wires are each for a solenoid for a total of two, And the black one is ground. I hooked the compressor up directly to the battery, I am using the S pod for the power relay and solenoids only because of the amperage draw.

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