Backup Light Install in Fabfours Bumper on Chevy Colorado

I cut the logo out of the back bumper to fit the backup light. All I can say is WOW, these lights are the perfect back up lights. Super defused too.
I used about 20 cut off blades and it took 2 hours.
Dremel Cut off wheels:
Rigid industries, d-series pro, flush mount, flood defused:
I wired in the lights to the power from the 7-way trailer plug for reverse lights. There should be plenty of amperage here.
Here is the pinout I used from the 7way plug.
2017 Colorado pin-out
WHITE- Revers Lights Positive
BLACK- Ground (Reverse lights negative)
Update: 12/23/18
I installed the second light and changed them out to different lights. Now I’m using rigid industries pod scene lights.

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